Natasha Marchewka Voice Talent

"Your Work Is All I Talk About!"

A global voice talent, Natasha provides voice-over services for thousands of radio and television commercials, diverse business narration projects, and your personalized voicemail message. 

Natasha’s voice is described as a "Compassionate, Mom Next Door"; "Warm, 30-something, Business Professional"; Conversational, Neutral Accent, Natural, Friendly, Articulate with feeling and sincerity...

Simply send a script for rate quote on your project!


"Again, she nailed it.  Natasha always gets what we want.  She's so easy to work with.  Scripts get emailed to her, and before the day is done, I get a read that is just like I imagined.  If only all production would flow like this."
Ron Friedman

"Thank you so was the fastest turnaround job I have ever worked on...and I have been doing this for 25 years!!!  THANK YOU to the best choice in voicing! 
...I could recommend no other!  You are the very best v/o resource that we have at CTV." 
Creative Services, CTV Northern Ontario
"As always, thanks for being such an asset to our voiceover roster, Natasha!  You're getting rave reviews here." 
Creative Services, NBC29, WVIR-TV
"I love your voice!!!  You are at the top of my female voice list!!" 
Production, WPTV NewsChannel 5
"I love it!! You are what we have been looking for."
Marketing Director, Lights On Productions
"Thanks for all the great voice work.  We appreciate your reliability!"
Marketing & Talent, On-Hold USA
"The recording sounds great!! Thank you so much for your quick services." 
Owner, Rhema Real Estate

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